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Ultimate ESO 2024 Beginner Guide Gold Road Chapter

Just4Kicks80: Not a beginner but so appreciate your content and how much you help new players!
wtf-is-xela5137: Just asking for a Friend…. How you get her Chest that big? Nice video by the way enjoyed every minute.
KT11204: Not a beginner, but still need this lol thanks!
idkgfys2942: Hooray
Wehaust: Thanks for the video man. Been watching for awhile and I'll keep doing it.
TheMadLep: Thanks so much for all the hard work on your videos, it's always great to watch them, and you go to such a lot of trouble with all of them. Very much appreciated!!
N7Dovahkiir: Very helpful, thanks for sharing!!
darlenehoover6577: I really like your uploads on ESO. I love this game but realized recently that I'll never be more than a mediocre player. Too many set changes and toxic players that wont help me grind for good gear, even though I've helped loads of them get theirs.
What I'd give to find a guild and group that actually helped each other.

Jun 09 2024

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