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TrueSight Lens The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Man At Arms Reforged

BaltimoreKnifeandSwordCo: Thanks to Bethesda and The Elder Scrolls Online for sponsoring this video. Tell us in the comments what should come next!
beaudoty3465: You guys REALLY need to make Dyrnwyn from the Disney version of The Black Cauldron and make it out of damascus steel and make the scabbard to go with it.
ZadiesLIVE: AWE me, I love your channel so much, I just had to subscribe!
zerojee6236: So glad this show is still going
ulfricthorsson8347: Y'all need to make the Glave from Krull
Command908: Awesome craftsmanship! Excellent work!
JustCallMeRazzberryAzzyV1: Peacemaker's sword and axe would be cool
pyrophoenix-bird58: I really want to see you forge the Necrosword from Thor Love and Thunder; or the Black Trident from Aquaman 2; or the Spear of Osiris from The Mummy Returns. Keep going soldiers
temporary67315: Quite the interesting and welcome addition to the armouries! Here's looking forward to more forging!

I'm curious if you know about the Trails franchise by Nihon Falcom? They've got some very cool looking weapons there, especially with blending technology together with medieval weapons, it's pretty awesome! You can start with Rean Schwarzer's tachi for the simplicity and elegance if it's possible, thanks again!
FantasyWeapons: Awsome project. Well done guys
stolenpillow: With Shadow of the Erdtree coming up you guys should do the Sword of Night and Flame.

Jun 10 2024

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