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Toxic Casual Hypocrite Demands Others Do Better | The Elder Scrolls Online

dom5975: Pve drama is so tame

Everyone knows pvp zonechat is the true endgame
RunnelsESO: ESO YouTube community is very hate and drama filled. He’s on cam which is hard to do as well. Dude gets a little heated doing difficult content and come for his throat and character. Meanwhile tyler1 is having fits every 90 seconds and just getting more money and views lol
xniya_2647: jesus, if they think eigh1puppies is toxic i hope they never see what my core is like my friends and i are way worse than this
Mantamann: I think it's the group's business how they handle things, especially communication. No one needs to watch that, if they feel uncomfortable doing so. That being said, I'll give my two cents anyways. I thing puppies tone is questionable. I raid progress and that is not the way the raidlead would ever talk to us or vice versa. His groupmates also don't sound like they're having a blast when he's talking to them like that. I assume the overall atmosphere in the group is good and the people generally like eachother (otherweise they wouldn't be there, I guess) but adressing your mates like puppies did is kinda shitty, regardless.
Loronline: Going to be honest I'm not a fan of how eight1puppies is acting either. A good raider is patient and respectful of progression. A person who belittles and degrades their team members, shows no respect for the time and commitment that said player may have put in. If a raider exspects perfection every pull then they shouldn't be running in a progression group.
T-REXMACHINEGUN: Admiral Digby is hated on the ps5 na server. Most trial guilds don't like him. I was in his guild and he asked me to join a gs prog but I wasn't needed. His problem is he get pretty upset when someone doesn't do a mechanic
MsHARLEEQUIN: I just like hearing Nefas react to stuff. It’s nice to start the morning
monalisa-bs4zs: Trials end game is generally quite adolescent. Pretty sure most people grow out of it once they settle into their lives/families etc. I’m sure a lot of kids enjoy the rp factor of ‘drill sergeant’ taking raids serious etc, but it’s ultimately just an extremely casual hobby people could all be playing nude and no one would know.
IshimuraaYT: I don’t think people have the ground to comment how a team talks amongst each other until they play at that level themselves.

To clip just the negative when that’s not 100% the norm is just stupid and he tries to tell those of us who run in groups like this how to behave? Just…no
Knowledge.to_Come: I quit the game 2 years ago because end game was unbearably toxic. Got al the trial trifectas then left the game 2 weeks later. The only people that stick around for the toxicity to get titles literally have nothing else in life going for them. Nobody in the right mind sticks around a toxic environment
Steven-cr8ju: For what its worth, maybe two cents, every group I've been in had very calm and professional callouts and feedback even when egregious errors occur. It's a game for fun and I would not tolerate public ridicule or rebuke for a mistake. Its OK to ask if a team member saw or understood a mechanic and how to do correctly, but calmly. It's just a game - even though raids take time and planning. Where I work, errors are handled privately with never a raised voice or undertone and I expect rhe same courtesy from everyone. Having a bad day is never an excuse for unacceptable behavior. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and first assume good intentions. I also never comment publicly on someone's negative behavior. I bring issues to that person where appropriate wirh a goal of building people and not rearing down. I am far from perfect and I apologize when I err or offend. To that end, I view "being offended" as a choice on how we interpret feedback since what offends one may not offend another. And I am open to criticism in general and on my comments here. Cheers!
xnbk-yotiex5247: I would have left that group a long time ago. No way could I sit there to just listen to that even if it wasn’t directed at me.
tracylamb2971: I refuse to watch people who degrade or continuously berate their team members. It is possible to constructively criticize without being toxic or nasty.

How do I, as an outside viewer, know that it's 'just the way a group of friends' are interacting and they don't mind? I don't, so it just looks toxic.

It's one thing to curse up a blue streak when the team wipes, due to whatever. It's another thing to toxically berate someone on live stream.

I play to chill and relax from dealing with toxic people IRL, I don't need it ingame.. period. I've left Trials and Dungeons due to toxic players.

I got asked to Heal vRG.. because their normal Healer was unavailable, but they still wanted to do a practice run or two. I said ok, BUT warned them I had not even run it normal yet.

I didn't even finish the 1st run through, I whispered the person I knew and told them I don't do toxic BS, I needed direction and help, not Shite on... and I ported out.

If I wanted Toxic, I'd go play COD multiplayer... or BDO

May 12 2024

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