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withoutink1858: Oh dear Dooma, God of ESO builds. I thank you for this blessing you bestowed upon my healer only warden. Thanks man.
toddwilson6052: Your builds never miss, your the one eso content creator i can actually recommend and follow when getting started on a new class/build. Keep up the good work as always
DarthenosC9: Your 1 bar ia/solo builds have carried my solo ia and vateshran runs.
Ormane: Dude! That murder mystery was amazing! Please check it out, everyone!
popgoestheweasel7636: Are you doing these 3 button on all classes? Oh my gosh! A 3-button-series? You truly are the GOAT! o7
tanjavanderzwan7696: Dooma, you are the bestest!!
StrongArmJonEntertainment: Your intro is 10x louder than the video lol
II_Ncognito_II: Would khajiit be optimal i can't part ways with my favorite race
zMainframe: One of my favorite series for eso
olasigling: Pure awesomeness m8! I’ve been playing ESO since Beta, and your builds are by far the coolest! Thank you so much for your content, absolute best

May 18 2024

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