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The Elder Scrolls Online You Belong Here

Ca11umWi1son03: “The real Elder Scrolls were the friends we made along the way” ahh trailer
aianurodriguez: Ebonheart Pact
Swedishmafia101MemeCorporation: This cheered me up.
cristianmachuca7566: This feels like a sims trailer expansion
vc559: Argonians are GOAT

Now officially a primary and front-page race
jacobodom8401: New Player: "Wow what cool mounts where can I get them?"

Devs: "Loot Boxes"

New Player: "but what about earning them in activities?"

Devs: "here's a couple but the rest are in loot crates"

New Player: "But there are over 500 mounts, you're telling me that over 95% of them are in Loot Crates?"

Devs: "Or you can do activities for 7- 8 months and maybe get the one mount you are looking for"

New Player: "...."
Albino_Wolf: "We Belong" by Pat Benatar.

You're welacome
maxs4903: If only people remotely interacted with each other in game, it’d feel a lot more connected.

Had the game since launch, sort of stopped playing actively around Blackwood (3yrs ago ish). Still pop in for events here and there. But seems like most people log in to do daily quests then log off. Zone chat is always crickets. Can take upwards of 15 minutes to queue into a pug dungeon as dps. Only reason I stuck around long as I did was for my guild.

Still, it’s the only new elder scrolls content we’ve had for the past decade… so there’s that (no I’m not counting blades)
Amateur7_2: The product is unavailable in my country.
Pigness7: this is definably the music I associate with ES now.
metallosaurusrex5118: I was thinking about playing this game for the very first time, and this cheered me up to not be afraid for being so late to join the adventure!
Butter_enjoyer: Where’s TES 6?
aclaybass: Love the amount of work put into this video. Though I feel watching this is the equivalent to thinking something on a well-toned mannequin will look anything resembling similar on you. Played for over 6 years and never had a single interaction like this. People play way too fast-paced and don't stop to enjoy the scenery.
querywizard: This trailer is a great vision of what many of us are looking for in gaming. ESO is nothing like this but maybe it could be someday. Good luck devs.
baldmenwin9591: "BUGTHESDA - Bugthesda never changes."

Jun 11 2024

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