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The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road The 5 Features You Need to Know About

dizalawn: I've tried to get into this game multiple times, and I never had any idea what was happening ever.
paulo8301: This game is horrible
JoeyBoxOfDonuts: I can count on 2 hands the number of times I've tried to get into this. I think the initial off-putting thing is the massive numbers. Not sure why, but it totally takes me out of it when I have over 10k health and deal 1000 damage at level 1.
killval849: this game is legit if you like action combat and good quest adventures in a social space basically.
munduschungus: No idea Rhykker played ESO!
txchainsaw8907: The game is buggy and the server performance dwindles my time-played to near nothing these days. A casual may not care but Hardcore PVE and PVP players will be constantly annoyed by it.
Shaojackify: I love this game but can never get over how bad the combat animations are
Goosey_Loosey: for those wanting to venture into ESO be warned, it's free to play and it does everything in its power to nickel and dime you, yes there's no sub in order to play but once you get into it you start seeing how restrictive the game is without a sub and how expensive it is to keep up with the yearly releases of the game (not to mention all the stuff in the in-game store with cosmetics and pay for convenience stuff)

that being said it's a very fun game, the "single player" questing is actually pretty entertaining in my opinion.
benjoe1993: Lol, good sponsored video when you start with "I don't have anything better to play because TES6 is not a thing here's why you should play." xD
Lupinemancer87: As a 10-year veteran of ESO, I can't tell how much I love this game. It is absolutely my favorite MMO.
QueenReaperGaming: I heard Fennorian is coming back and I'm here for it! But I'll have to wait until the 18th when it releases on console

Jun 07 2024

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