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The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Gameplay Launch Trailer PS5 PS4 Games

oxsila: Call me when they update the engine from 2014.
inxine: bold move to release this a few weeks before ER
raikiriramen6257: The 5 people who still play this game must be happy
redfish1943: Ten years ago, miyazaki said the elder scroll 5 is his most anticipated game,so now we have elden ring. However, Besesda are still stuck in the past,what happened?
andresramone1: It Looks like a ps3 game
Rynn21: Haven’t played since beta
MaleBrawler: Man when elden ring dlc come out going to make it hard to want to jump into other game
cosmicdubs8155: This game’s still going?
TheOneShadyCat: Its time this game gets some jiggle physics
DodgethisCZ: Stop it…
rockytheblackdragon: Sony, If you're reading this: Have fun going the way of the dodo bird.

Jun 06 2024

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