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The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road 15 Things You Need To Know BEFORE YOU BUY

bigde131: Why are MMO’s so popular? Stop eating up the slop people!!!!! This is why we don’t get multiple, rich, great, action adventure/open world rpgs every single year. People spend TONS of cash grabs like Gacha, MMO, and battle passes then wonder why we have no good games
mordha86: Did this dude really just say Vanderfell instead of Vvardenfell
JonpaulGee: Woah thats a lot of hate bots
crazypl0x: ESO kind of a steamy pile of shit
abettertomorrow5928: Every one should try eso it is a very good game. So nmuch content from crafting, questing, dungeons, PvP housing etc.
FLEXXMOBBMD: i love the eso world but the combat is so ass
3RST-GAMING: I had 25000 hours in eso. The most important thing i can tell you is that you own NOTHING and your efforts in the game mean nothing. Its literally just a sceme to pander to new players. Zos is pure evil youve been warned. Eso should be a hard pass for anyone who likes mmos or anyone who likes the elderscrolls franchise.
5bh71: Don’t play the game or give them money. They’ll banned you for no reason
rolln8ths: Is base game hard yet ? Over world been way too easy
Tenken77: Pass on DEI Scrolls
skulltula1352: Pass.

Jun 05 2024

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