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The Best Scribing Guide for Tanking Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road

gor2944: Look mom, I'm in a Hyper's video
abdelaziztouhami9495: Will scribing skills be required for tanking? I really don't feel like buying the new chapter right now
MsHARLEEQUIN: Super based
ZDavidH: The pull on shield throw said that pulls and taunt enemies (all) or am I wrong?
Sublimeoo: what UI addon/s do you use?
elderwiz3165: Interesting.. I'm just going to sit back and watch what people do with this scribing stuff before I decide if it's worth jumping into it. Do you know if it will be released to plus subscribers after a year like other chapter features?
alexdenton5228: wow we can swap zenas, one skill, with 2 skills tha do the same!

zos hate tanks, was so hiped about scribing but they just do not want to give us real useful tools.
HARLYDAVIDZ: is it posibal to make 1 bar sorx tank 4 trifecta runs??

Jun 08 2024

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