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Spellcrafting is Actually Broken. The Elder Scrolls Online

tsukuyomisama001: I am worried that people will just follow the meta build again if some of the scribing skills are more outstanding than others. It just ruins the original purpose.
DaddySadiist: I can't explain it but your voice matches your khajiit design perfectly.
gharm9129: good video
EmantheChosen: Great vid my guy!
sicwitit216: So scribing pay to win pvp?
adamschmidt6050: ZOS stole the Vault skill from Ashes of creation. 100%
OreoTheDJ: aka the troll road
marcocivalerian9099: this update killed the game for me
DaveJC85: Glad you have 17 days to work it all out before it drops for us console players
thelastwitcher8773: Overland needs a hard mode.
fellowshipofthemoonsyt5160: Can I use scribing to expand my dong?

Jun 08 2024

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