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bminturn: I like your non-elitest content a lot. I have used modified versions of some of your builds for a while now for arenas and they are all solid.
CheeseTuber: Someone say next level?
irishsage2459: I understand and appreciate and applaud what you're trying to do here, but new players don't parse like you do.... promising 100k DPS isn't going to be feasible for a new player who doesn't know or understand parsing, canceling and weaving.
Those numbers are from the perspective of a vet player.

Just a nitpicky thing on my part, I understand. But I think people forget "new player builds" are for actual new players.
Parse number promises shouldn't factor.
lorgren4002: And now I don't know if I should stick with Templar or go with warden.
I guess I have to stop watching YouTube videos xd
Great guide :)
krisjohnson3652: Does this survive in IA?
theonemvp5599: That Bonus build is what I came for lol. Dooma keep up the good work. You help make ESO enjoyable. I always recommend your channel for new players or people looking to try new classes.
MeR-md1jq: Thanks Dooma. I'm looking forward to trying this out on the PTS.
Ranik-Jason: Thanks for the build! Loving that this one has a AoE spammable again since the 3 button warden had single target there and i liked it way more with AoE.

Force Pulse is wonderful - gonna check out elemental weapon soon since it seems to be smoother with magicka sustain.

Great ideas you showed us!
AlexGardipe: Love these!
rioTav88: Love your videos! What do you think of Velothi amulet for those bad at or don’t wanna at light attack weave?

May 23 2024

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