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eyyubi7654: oh god... oh no... i got fired. thank you dooma! you finally got me fired
unclesasuke6858: Nice build! Im pleasantly surprised to see that it doesn't involve rapid strikes as a spammable. Very creative
RunnelsESO: Very informative!
lnn1414: Hey Dooma, ty for that great content and this cool af build lol. 2 Questions: Did u tried the Perf. Vateshran bow and how did it performed? And what would be good alternatives for backbar weapons? I think about double Bow or maybe fire staff. Would that be a big dmg loss? Greetings from Germany and again, ty for that nice buildidea :)
OreoTheDJ: I heard if you use the use the helmet outfit style "pirate skeleton" on a necro your DPS goes up by 10k
GehsGgg: Bro, can I see cp?
CBTP: Regarding Venom Skull in PvP - So long as you're in melee range, Venom Skull is excellent in PvP after the last buff it got to 50%. The base tooltip on the 50% proc is 90% of Blastbones' base tooltip, which means after accounting for Evasion (most players will have at least one of them), Venom Skull will hit HARDER than Blastbones. You can also use it as a normal spammable as well, and just ensure that you combo with it on the third proc. With Intensive Mender, MOST of your casts of Venom Skull in PvP will get that 50% boost.

Just keep in mind that the projectile slows down outside of melee range, and the dodge window is INCREDIBLY long. Running it on a ranged build is tough because of that.
lucassilva9237: Dude you are on fire!! Thank you very much!
user-kn5gp3mt2k: Just wanted to say thank you. I been playing this game for 8 years. You have help me a lot

May 09 2024

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