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Gold Road Chapter Final PTS Patch Notes The Elder Scrolls Online

Duendito: TBH, I haven’t watched any PTS previews because I don’t want any spoilers, I want to go blind into the new chapter.
xboxgamerz22: So no buff for necromancer
TheGreatPanicker: Scribing will get nerfed and made completely useless I am sure by release!
regulus8560: So they really are launching without a psijic, ww and vamp grimoire.
Cyvernize: Frist
Patton243: Hardened Ward, how did this skill not get changed this PTS cycle? Like it's so busted and yet this dev team did nothing. Bunch of clowns at ZOS.
l.apastore4208: Haven’t played eso since September. Not payed Necrom. Any major changes I should be aware of since then comment section? PvP and Pve 4man n&v? Weapons or passives etc
Ldrago-ul1ho: Second
phoelxx2897: Why review patch notes when they always make changes to them. Final patch notes should be the only ones to look forward to.

May 18 2024

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