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ESO Highly Requested Monster Helm and More Golden Vendor Review

dionearnold6047: Thurvoken Snake in the Stars Draugrkin. Takes away their ability to heal efficiently while increasing your damage done
SRS-GAMES: Sweet, we've just been farming Maarselok this evening and had to quit. Some good sets from that dungeon.
ladyluna-steph7371: Best time to farm Maars is when double drops are active
johncantwell3154: I saw you on random post about making gold about 3 years ago. Being following you since
alargeshrubb7964: Thurvoken for a pvp tank is solid af. Its just not a pvp damage dealer set. For reference when i view thurvoken on my tank the tooltip is around 4k
Since the pvp tanks entire job is to cc and debuff the enemy and be a typical nuisance too the enemy while his teammates actually deal the damage having a set that debuffs that much while being able to also deal OTHER tank debuffs and CC makes you a HUGE pest. It also frees you up to use other skills that you may have used to dish out those debuffs meaning you can potentially stack EVEN MORE debuffs onto the enemy. Imagine a tank who just wont die dealing every debuff in the game out onto you in pvp while ccing the crap out of you, and then tell me how difficult that would be to deal with while trying to fight damage dealers. Too many pvpers look at sets from a purely damage dealing standpoint and forget that pvp tanks exist and are an INCREDIBLY useful ally on the battlefield.
dannyc3954: I got maars last time it was on golden vendor. But the one I need is mighty chudan! Haven't beat the veteran ( not hard mode) yet . Thanks again.
Centurion305: Lair of Maar is just a very long dung... Also there are mechs
erostew: Killer pun
swampsect: I really don't know what they can do with the set situation, there's hundreds of sets and only a few are truly worth getting. So much wasted space and cool effects (i.e. Thurvokun) and I wish I could utilize them somehow, but they're not even niche.
ariantm4198: Hoping for Balorgh
chrisbalko4063: 100,000 on PC =10 gold on console

Jun 05 2024

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