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ESO Gilded Glory and Next Housing Challenge (10 year anniversary guide)

samlee9216: I already do my daily writs like it’s my official job.
sirchilde3677: Instructions unclear.
I told all my guilds if no one teleportd to my home people will die.
Now im something called "blacklisted" and i hear knocking on my door
jillkalter9008: I think I visited at least 50 houses today to help guildies get the Party Planner achievement.
WilliamBradey: I got Party Planner in 30 seconds by going to my collections, going to my primary residence, selecting post invite link in chat, then sending it out in zone chat asking people to come by so I could get the achievement. Had about 10 people pop in then leave over the course of 2-3 minutes.
carlosspicywiener9855: I don't have any friends but I have 63 alt accts so Achievement unlocked lol
Arkham117: 3 people in my 1 bed flat with a bowl in the corner for a toilet, not going to be awkward at all.
jonicoe113: Thanks mang, daily writs is a decent way to make gold and only takes 5 min. Atleast for someone who's just hit the most gold ive ever had at 1 time 200,000 gold.
CAiNiAC: Brusselsprouts are delicious, you're nuts
MikeDarken: Haha love the Intro
was with a gildi already
simonw1252: The Tank Tomfoolery terrified me. Thanks a bunch
Barada73: I logged in to get the free house today and I'm kind of surprised by how large it is.

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