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ESO Best DPS Gear: Literally the Only Sets You Need

Chris-gr7ll: Sanity's Edge is an easier trial guys, just go for it. You can pug it with group finder even, just make a listing and wait, they will come. Never done a single trial? Go for it anyway, once you jump in and get acclimated you'll have so much fun.
wuatarrel: I prefer order's wrath since we already get minor force from the necklace, but if you're solo and using Pale Order I can see Tzogvin being a better option
poisonducky7587: Replace tzogvin with either mother’s sorrow or leviathan depending on your max stat and I would agree. Velothi already gives minor force and the other sets don’t require dlc
kanegforce3974: Tzogvin and Velothi both give minor force. Why do we prefer Tzogvin over other sets then?
ascenshin9360: I'm returning after two years. This is super helpful!
laurenschlosser7187: Nice! Simple explanation for my casual self. I need to grind those mythics.
brandonamsler9898: I absolutely love this
michaelkennedy6592: If you swap the 1 pc slimecraw for 1pc light valkyn your also at 4man pen cap while in 6 medium with thief and daggers. So tzogvins/ansuul is 100% usable in all pve content.
alexandrerocha6265: Im strugling to finish Melstrom for like, 3 years I guess, i cannot pass some phase of poison flowers, I already gave up on finishing Maelstrom.
christianbruske5711: How many damage you can make with this setup at the raid dummy?

May 09 2024

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