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A new ESO gold farming strategy just dropped Farming selling LUMINOUS INK Gold Road Guide

TheEdenprime: Once again, peak eso content from my favourite basement youtuber
OrcaMan-su7sh: just a funny thing abou what is happening right now basically every single npc in west weald is butchered due to the fact that the new stealabe furnishings cames from ANY npc regardless of the class. and resulted in everyone in skingrad now walking with empty trousers and corpses everywhere, literaly a horror movie become real
LadyAshaVati: Waves as one of the Rpers in that scene
dilvish9317: Oh, thanks for that update. That is great, actually, so we don't have to necessarily spend all our time farming just to use the new Scribing. Will be interesting to see how this new mat prices out. Especially in the beginning. Guessing the farming mob spots are going to be crowded for the next few months after release. Always good content and insights Arttea.
jak_93: just made 1.1 mil off all my luminous ink just from the main quest and can say dope method will probably go farming for more when I get home from work tonight.
velkanzi: A point to ponder … very often the drop rate for new shinies in the game is relatively generous , and gets adjusted a bit later , which may keep the value somewhat.
AmeliaRomanov: Looks like fun shame I won't be using any of this when I get it on the 18th
jpfrydrych9871: I’m Argonian
hatman9874: Hahaha I swung over to TTC to see prices and it’s still to new at this point in time
pizzacrusher4632: great video; thank you!

Jun 09 2024

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