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Yes, It Kinda Does! | Elden Ring

fuwafuwarowatari: the bullgoat deathblight gank was funny right until the point down. Then, it was classic.
JustLuminal: That deathblight gank, holy smokes ER's community it's insufferable
devildogcody: Your chat really EGGED you on
Hawk-yx7qh: Imagine dying 10 times in one invasion
baeber: the bullgoat eclipse sword gank was cancer but you dealt with it well. i applaud you
mashiroggi1358: I've been following you Lost for a long time, I discovered you 1 and a half year ago while I was looking for a guide for builds, I like your humor and you're an excellent player, keep it up!
a hug from Italy
goldenthegearking7139: We need the gamertags of all those bullgoats who kept you in limbo
falafelranger9393: Love it when lost uploads
JebediahThePaladin: The death blight gank was so scummy I love it
DeadlockDrago: How is this man making sacred phalanx work?!

May 13 2024

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