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xQc Reacts to Kai Cenat Rage at Radahn's Meteor Entrance Elden Ring

BeneGesserit766: editor can you glaze me like you glaze the bots?
moonknightkiller: Why did Kai yell like that
skygage2499: His Elden ring marathon is honestly funny af
kylemichel3006: So its a Kai clip with Daft Punk playing.
Mr.BananaManYT: Why is he so loud? I dont even watch kai but all the clips I see are just him yelling
TopazBeast: I love the idea of these full game play throughs in one stream by Kai, but the dude so clearly targets zoomers with his constant screaming and yelling it’s just unbearable to watch
TripleAMF: What to expect from a Kai clip = little person yelling the whole time
aoutii: banger song mr editor
TheMockingjay74: Does X know Malenia is waiting for him?
Shadowan: He turned out to be better than I thought at this game, and he's not using any summons. I respect him for that.
RadioCatSquid: Bro does everything but play the game himself

May 13 2024

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