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eastoncamp6820: xqc need another playthrough where he finishes everything
LoliPolice-bf7mw: His character is the average roundabout citizen after a month of moving in (no water left for bathing)
jordbehoopin: Babe wake up X plays Elden Ring pt 2
user-no4dz9me2u: FINALLY MAN FUCKING FINALLY bro ive been replaying your Elden Ring vods for the past 2 years over and over and I always got so pissed off that you skipped all the remembrance bosses, finally man ive been waiting for this shit YES YES
bemlok: Is this the famous Game Lord, the professional pro player of every game ever made? Holy
MegaMal_: He actually got baited into playing again lmao
grapewww: crab elden ring > elden ring
theobvu: finally no more skipping and he gonna fight Malenia and Mohg. Aware
Memebrain777: Fell off
Yktv.s: He actually does pretty well he got pretty far before he stopped and went to sleep and the deaths aren't to crazy as well. Hopefully he plays more today.
GriffinTwo: Zamn!!! the schnoz is back to the lands between
seiji_senpai: if he actually fight the boss that he skipped, I will kiss my sisters armpit (shes a line backer)
viung: WutFace comments
soulfire8547: Surely he will not skip everything this time

May 26 2024

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