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xQc Gets Perfect Timing with Dono in Elden Ring

liketobecalled: Shitting on dex builds while playing a jump R2 simulator is crazy
MobyDrip: "Dex build"

Cope is crazy.
TheAdinRossPlug: I wanna see xQc using a Dex build, and what excuses he'll come up with when he starts losing even more.
zan7121: Thanks for the cut. Bro was gonna yap
sleep5329: Crazy that Kai single-handedly made a whole bunch of streamers hop back on Elden Ring
daroth7127: >shits on dex builds while using a strength weapon with the jump attack strength playstyle
what did he mean by this?
UndeadFleshgod: This sure is original, never seen him skip this game before, wow, don't know where he got this idea
ChaoticNox: Having difficulty on a crucible knight when he already finished the game
HAHAd2: how is he bad at every game he plays
ozgurmithri: We need the full Vod mr editord

May 21 2024

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