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Worst Weapons In ELDEN RING Randomizer Equip Every Item You Find

sirthritis9142: dread it as you will myth, you must return to the dark souls 1 randomizer
spook507: Blud is making sure that he ignores every ds1 comment
W2823: U can't just run from that ds1 rando Myth
Moonupper2425: Fellas we are going on strike until we get the ds1 randomizer or if he uploads a mukbang
Bantos86: Every day you let pass without finishing the DS1 Randomizer, is a day that Seath wins over you, Myth. You just gonna take that from that guy in particular?
done5044: thanks for your content myth, cant wait to watch you play the dlc. you always make my days better and more enjoyable and im sure you will keep doing so as long as you upload content. have a great day
supasketchy212: Holy fuck, almost every comment is about the ds1 randomized! I get that y’all want to see it, I do to, but just let him do other stuff before he has to suffer once again
xanathar8659: You totally could've put the parrying dagger in your offhand, it counts as an offhand weapon

Jun 02 2024

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