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Who Is St Trina? | Elden Ring DLC LORE

alejohp8725: Okay: predicting the next swamp is a sleep-inducing mess where enemies constantly kick your ass. At the end, you gotta fight St. Trina.
NumberD2000: Super stoked Miyazaki confirmed St. Trinas appearance. Must not go hollow
Musexe: I'm not that deep with the lore.. but something tells me st trina is Miquella like his alter ego or something
CrematedCube: One last bit of St. Trina lore that flew under the radar here is the Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet:

"One of Seluvis's favorite puppets. Spirit of a handsome archer who dressed in the style of a man.
Called the Silent Hunter by some, she fires St. Trina's arrows from her shortbow."
"Dolores once belonged to the Roundtable Hold, where she was both a critic and a friend of Gideon the All-Knowing.
It was because of her that he and Seluvis went their separate ways."

The full story is likely just as complex as Radagon and Marika, but I highly doubt Trina is merely an alias of Miquella.
At this point I mostly regard them as two characters merged together instead of a single split character
On the whole I believe she comes from an older time than Miquella, with hidden ties to the Albinaurics and their specialty of archery.

Particularly when Miquella lilies appear to be modified Trina lilies instead of vice versa.
GriffinTwo: Ohhh Elden ring, a truly special Game
wastefox9100: St.Trina can be the teacher of Miquella.
adult St.Trina = St.Trina as the teacher
child St.Trina = Miquella as the scholar
yunkinto: Almost my entire recommended is elden ring lore and theories and i love it
loblo5542: I can't wait to know more about St.Trina in the DLC
aric8027: On the close up of Miquella's and Trina's Lillys - you can see that Miquella's almost seems like like Trinas - but with new root growing growing from the bottom up, sapping life from the leaves, and sprouting a new bud out of the end of the flower. I've never seen it in such detail until now. I think Miquella is in control of the tree that is sapping the other of it's life in the shadow of the erdtree trailer.
erin1569: Your and Ziostorm's content are so similar I sometimes can't tell on whose channel I am on
ignorethefrymen: I think Miquella's mere presence has unnerved people. In this case, I believe being entranced by him would be a loss of a power to act.

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