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When IGN Promoted Cheating... Elden Ring Controversy

danielphillips1973: can't spell ignorance without IGN
Esponea_482: Remember: IGN once said you could treat yourself to 19 inches of Messmer, when it was actually 18
opusmagnus26: Dodging is Maidenless, says IGN. The bosses say, "Death is an inevitability one does not easily avoid."
JaerOneAsb: Pre-nerf BHS was fucking vile
Mangojuice49: ign arent exactly known for there guides
ColeLineberry-wt9dd: Wait a minute where is the weapon of the day I need to be told that I'm a good little sheet metal by Roderika
steveeymann6374: You cant spell ignorant without IGN.
jtcookie96: There's only one thing I use IGN for and that's location information. That's it. items or cosmetic pieces. outside of that, they're useless
HansVinlin: game journalists trying not to be rtarded challenge IMPOSSIBLE
alchemy5750: I love how when he explained parrying, he didn't actually do a successful parry. Instead, he showed a clip where a godslayer sword chad parried his RoB spamming a** and then quickly cut the pointdown off.
Panurome: I didn't play when Elden Ring released, but seeing old bloodhound step gave me PTSD of something I haven't even experienced.
OtherMomo: I think the dramatic pause before naming the omen's set was meant to be hesitation due to revoltion. HOWEVER, his cadence and delivery made it come off as voiceless and not intentional.

Muffinpurplegurk: The infamous God Hand review killed " gaming journalism " a long time ago for me.
ArsenixOnVr: i was genuinely surprised he didn’t say something like “don’t level vigor it’s useless if you don't get hit”
am9189: I'm use to Rani getting heated over most things in the game.
But Sellen? Ohhhh, you're in for a schooling when she gets mad...
BlueShellshock: Ah yes, the famous IGN build. It will forever be a piece of Elden Game history, the last surviving relic from the days of Deathblight Pulley Crossbows, instant stun Madness snipes, and eternal iframe Bloodhound Step.
paladin-ksai7667: the moment you said 209, it's no longer a build. that's not even worth playing PvP with. and it uses the most sweaty weapons. they know absolutely NOTHING about PvP, and it shows also they clearly still live in 2020 with the PvP builds

May 17 2024

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