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Mewsdacatto: That uchigatana description could not be more accurate lol
benjaminhigham3624: Oh no not the cat ears
RafaL-mg2er: Me using Uchigatana: Die 3579714 times for rick
Pedarson: Bro did Dragonscale Blade Users dirty for no reason
ConradSaratoga: claymore kings stay winning
dominatorca5331: Claymore is soooo accurate wtf
chrisvanhook7120: Claymore guy here, everything is accurate but I like DS1 the most
drop_pudd894: I use the uchigatana because I have trouble choosing what I want
D00MTR33: Why would DS3 be my favorite souls game as a Claymore lover? It was the best GS in DS1, not DS3. The best version of the Claymore was in DS2, having the best moveset in the series (though it didn't look like a claymore) by far. In DS3 the Hollowslayer was the best "claymore". Same poke attack, better 2H R1's and it even did 20% more damage to hollows which included Gael and a lot of enemies in the game.
You're not making any sense.
Negative_tsukomi: First

Jun 08 2024

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