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What are GRAFTED SCIONS in Elden Ring? #eldenring #eldenringlore #shorts

springbonneh7496: Well, now I learned a new theory.
The scions are Godrick’s children.
Redsparrowcomics: My theory is that Roderika is a Tarnished but her followers weren’t. She’s a noble that was sent away (from the lore on the red and blue hoods), so I think the people that followed her were people that believed in her making something of herself, which is why when they died, they never returned to life, because they weren’t “the dead who yet live.”
lincolnprestes7617: I swear I'd never notice that the scions had face
loungeduck6583: WT*F

Never noticed the innocent smooth little kid face on the head after 2 YEARS and DOZENS of these under my belt.
This has to be the mandela effect / quantum immortality
Sknabc: Fun fact a Scion is an offshoot of a twig or plant, specifically one for grafting. It also means an offshoot of a royal line. So this theory fits really well with either definition
r3gret2079: "Son. Or some say, Scion. Give us arms. Give us arms, on our, uh, arms."
fabriciolima25: Luckily for us,they have their robes
chazzeo: I'll be honest, I never knew the Scion was a kid. They always fly around in a spasmatic tornado of limbs so fast that I never noticed. It's cool seeing them still and up close, I never would've noticed the disturbing the implications of kid grafting in Elden Rings before now...
gb9884: They are creepy and that's why they're awesome enemies
fnafplayer6447: That is so screwed up. Godrick is nothing but a monster.
velarswood: Well, the short answer is they are bastards.
joganaut: Frenzy flame the best ending
DevilBoy725: Godrick been busy with his harlots.
ToxMod: Revenge is better served cold.
joshuarobles0: Moves so fast I barely now know there's a lil boy on there

May 10 2024

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