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Top 10 BEST Weapons You NEED For Elden Ring DLC Shadow Of The Erdtree Prep Guide

justice999: the only weapon you need: the weapon YOU have the most fun with.
todorasmih7791: my moonlight greatsword is ready to smash this dlc into pieces XDDDDD
CerberusLives: I've made a fresh character, and I'm dual wielding Ordovis' sword and the Blasphemous Blade. Kinda cool having a holy weapon and a decidedly unholy one at once
GNCD2099: After multiple playthroughs, my idea of preparing for the expansion is to look good. If my ass is going to get kicked, at least I'll look cool.
davidlemoine9578: Have you tried the Death's Poker? Fantastic weapon for any intelligence-based build.
JeremyDadHat: I’m running an arcane Darth Maul cosplay build with Elenora’s Poleblade and frenzy spells, but I also have Reduvia, Great Stars and Flamberge maxed. Can’t wait for the DLC!
NVSC10: I'm a simple man I see doms round table and like
sk8legendz: Im keeping malenia alive to practice fighting til DLC drops
martyblackmore516: I'm on my 4th play through so I think my build is ready
AndrewStonerock: I'm going in with the nightriders glaive maxed out with BFT and a flame art infusion to make it scale with holy. I like the godskin version for an early game alternative, but it doesn't have faith scaling, which imo is causing it to not deal as much damage. After the fire scorpion, holy scorpion, flame grant me strength, and golden vow the AR of the glaive is like 1280 or so. Plus, it's got really good reach. Also, take the dragon talisman 2 or 3 and the shield talisman to help negate some of the physical damage. That build cooks, literally. I shredded Radagon and the Elden Beast ridiculously quick with it.
taylorcornett3021: Another honorable mention: Ordovis's greatsword! This thing yeah has holy dmg but it scales with an A in strength, does mostly pure ar AND has a weapon art that is a poise breaking machine (ive heard it does about 82 poise dmg)! Also the hyper armor of a freakin GOD for the weapon art! No joke this sword is INSANE and deserves so much more love imo! Great vid btw my guy!

May 29 2024

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