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This Elden Ring Theory Changed My Mind

rexsybimatrimawahyu3292: At this point Miquella is Miyazaki himself

Hidetaka Miquellazaki.
lwazinkasawe3887: And you know what's wild? you know what they say, Sleep and Death are cousins.
timdiggity: Thanks for the support, Jake! And I’m glad you liked the upbeat jams. I need this DLC immediately
Coast2CoastFlyin: Messmer being the one in the egg instead of Miquella is reminiscent of the Cuckoo bird, which is an important symbol and hints at a deeper Carina connection
littlefernfae: EUREKA!!! If Miquella and Melina are like two halves of the same being, like Radagon and Marika, then EACH half has its own alter ego! St. Trina is the alter ego of the Miquella half, and The Gloam Eyed Queen is the alter ego of the Melina half. BOOM!
Mario-SunshineGalaxy64: Maybe the real Miquella was the friends we made (and got killed) along the way.
AnglophobiaIsevil7: The egg will grab us, then if we have collected the M's from all bosses that start with M, a giant M will apear, flip upside down and the screen will shake as we enter the WUMBO realm!
2JOfficial: I was also convinced until I saw a new video yesterday that dismisses this theory and tries to prove that Miquella is actually Torrent. Miyazaki based him off a mythological God that can shape shift into an animal that looks a lot like Torrent along with other "evidence". People should watch that one too. Timdiggity also commented on it.
calpal6249: I always thought that it’s not Miquella inside the egg. My best guess is that it’s Messmer placed there as a decoy. Messmer is shown to have a thin almost spindled body type. Almost exactly like the arm. Perhaps his body is there while his spirit is in the land of shadow.
ryanleatigaga7596: He's Miquella, He's Miquella, you're Miquella - I'M MIQUELLA!

Are there any OTHER Miquellas I should know about?!
samfish2550: Alternative weird entry idea, the hand grabs us and yoinks us into the egg.
henrywilljb: I'm still in the camp that Melina is Messmer's alter ego, the one he divested himself of the first time he burned the entree, which is why she is also deadset on burning the erdtree as well. Both of them also have their left eye shut.
paralam2175: The reason for Mohg saying "Dearest Miquella" to the corpse is that he was in the Shadow Realm together with Miquella but had to peace out when you showed up
Moss_and_Such: “Comely” is def a GRRM contribution. Uses it all the time in ASOIAF
bethfinne3260: "Comely" is an old word for attractive or pretty.
"She's a comely lass, and quite jolly"
neilsaura-sacatropez9372: Imagine if this turns out to be true melina's "I'm no maiden" becomes literal lmao
nickperri6571: If you want another wild theory, Tarnished Archeologist put out a video theorizing that Marika burn the Erd-Tree the first time to gain access to the Elden Ring

May 22 2024

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