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They TOOK this Flower Maiden from us Elden Ring Lore

ripxdoc: Miss Chalice is one of those notifications you just gotta open ASAP
astropgn: If Miranda flowers were real, we all know that at least some of you would try to smoke it.
Lazenzzz: I actually appreciate this vid, don't see a lot of ppl talk about the miranda flowers despite being littered throughout the lands between
writerblocks9553: The item looks vaguely like the erdtree favor talisman
LionUniverse14: 4.4% represent!
Embassy_of_Jupiter: pretty sure it is impossible to not like flowers
noobist85: Beautiful eyes. Though I think I’d avoid them in a dark alley.
ZugzugZugzugson: "i bet you aren't into flowers"
me: literally looked up and expanded my knowledge on the concept of grafting plants thanks to elden ring and be amazed by the benefits of the practice.
clearlypellucid: The red eye contacts are really hypnotizing.
joelpace2039: I really appreciate the way you keep finding interesting things to discuss. As a content request / suggestion: it would be cool if you remade, updated, or made a sequel to some of your older videos. I love your older videos and feel like the Dung Eater video or Sellen video could be even better with your current research and production skills.
Wizard_Pikachu: Lucky timing, gotta make some breakfast and needed something to listen to.
brooksjourney2351: I wonder sometimes, if Miranda was trying to create her own rival to the Erdtree. Maybe Miranda being "first of her breed" to these maneating flowers meant embedding herself in the Flower Crucible, hoping to grow an Erdtree or Erdtree equivalent, like how Miquella watered the Haligtree with his blood. That would also explain her prayer dealing holy damage.

Now that I think about it, the Miranda flowers consuming human flesh isn't all that different from the Erdtree reabsorbing bodies through its roots. In real life, plants are almost only ever predatory when the soil lacks the nutrients they need to survive, so they get extra nutrition from predation. Maybe, then, they're maneating because the Erdtree is denying them their own supply of bodies to consume.

Going off that, we can actually find Miranda sprouts growing out of piles of corpses in the Leyndell Sewers, some of them even hide in the bodies until we approach. I would wonder too if the different varieties of Miranda flower could be from them, for example, consuming lots of sorcerers in the Liurnia region, or rotten bodies in Caelid.

These flowers are so interesting to me, lol
KuraSourTakanHour: Really hoping Miranda's Prayer, or even as an incantation, might be restored for the DLC
Especially considering the existence of a "flower crucible" and my feeling the Crucible will play a larger role of the DLC
casual6880: Never been here so early, love your content miss chalice, hope your having a good day
TheFartsNalga: I'm faded off the finest Miranda

Jun 02 2024

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