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These Weapons Are So Good They Should Be Illegal Elden Ring

Scriffer: Who is excited for 100 new weapons? And 8 new weapon classes?
markrobison5199: The "I can't believe it's not dex" weapons.
Drakuma35: You know, with the existence of throwing weapons in the dlc, the beastmen chakrams could become a usable weapon
yorgh_drakeblood2101: Lmao “Hugh G Rection” is a great name! I invaded someone in Dark Souls 2 named “Hugh Jayniss”
renfennell5395: "I can't just kill you I need to get hot & bothered first"- Lost
zerantox5505: these things in the heavy variant are also nasty :3
nailbombx2311: These people and the ash of wars! hit a different button once in awhile...first invasion, the Host used rivers of blood Ash like 25 times! lmao!
leafyguy2039: Saying stroke it in the first minutes is crazy
Messmer_Sympathizer: @Lost sometimes I think about getting backshots from you

Jun 07 2024

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