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The STRENGTH COMBO Build With UNIQUE Mechanics Elden Ring

TheDaddyD10: ngl rannis offended "I HEARD THAT" in the background was gold xD
grilledleeks6514: Melenas sultry voice has me weak
Maethendias: "we love big girthy swords"
adding to that, cake is just gay bread

its wisdom Wednesday time baby
acdcguy18: Whoever does the artwork for the channel is great. Really like the style.
stevenbishop1782: Leo n Satan lol good lawd that brings me back.
alejosuarconde1145: PvP players: "Nooooo you can't use that weapon!! It's combos can connect easily!!

Me: "You have a point, unfortunately, I prefer to wield my sword like a knight instead of a cave man."
patrickfalls4676: Giving your enemies stds? I thought this was a greatsword build, not a malenia build.
GerritTV187: Mistery thingie is cleanrot spear
agent_meme2710: I say, the mystery weapon is the Cleanrot Spear
Esponea_482: I sure do like big Girthy swords too Meli-Meli
Bob-jh6xt: The weapon is the cleanrot spear. Love that thing

May 23 2024

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