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The REAL reason Radahn Stopped the Stars Elden Ring Lore Theory Speculation

KayKudos: There wasn’t any sorcery afoot involving the halting of the stars - they were just scared of Radahn
karljohan2300: love how he sjust this insane beast of a man stopping the stars and just wrecking shit yet has such a love for his old tired horse and even love a little cat
quincykunz3481: I love the idea that Radahn isn't halting an alien invasion, he's actively fishing for eldritch horrors.
wjr4700: Have you considered the Finger Slayer Blade? It can kill the greater will and its vassals and cannot be wielded by those with out a fate. When Radahn halted the stars, he made the demi gods (who were fated to die until Marika removed the rune of death) essentially immortal.
Perhaps after the death of Godwyn, out of fear, he halted the stars?
falgalhutkinsmarzcal3962: In vers 1.00 Radahn is called the God of War, which makes me think he was literally warring against an invasion of stars (Astels and Fallingstar Beasts) or using them as weapons/guard dogs. There are Fallingstar Beasts near Leyndell and near Volcano Manor, the latter blocking a ladder route to the Manor (with Leyndell forces in disarray below, unable to proceed to the manor). Radahn probably called the Fallingstar Beasts down to protect Volcano Manor and to attack Leyndell in the original story. That might also be why there is an Onyx Lord in the Sealed Tunnel near Leyndell, protecting the path to Rykard's rune. There are other Malformed Stars, Alabaster/Onyx Lords and Astel along the path we must take to reach Manus Celes, almost like they were placed there to guard the secret Dark Moon, which can only be seen from Manus Celes. Ranni does not fear Astel, but the assassin sent by the Two Fingers. After we defeat the latter, Ranni continues up to Manus Celes, not fearing Astel or the like. She even has her dragon at the cathedral. Thus, I think that Radahn summoned the Astels as weapons in Vers 1.00, as well as to challenge them in combat.
shurley96: Interesting thing about the Alabaster and Onyx Lords being 'opposite polarity' to each other - consider the gravity Magic symbol - it looks basically the same as a diagram of the lines of a magnetic field.
Cool video overall!
TiberiusRex182: What if theres a bigger plan at play here? If we can assume his magic power was based on his intelligence, what if Miquella had Malenia fight Radahn with EVERY intention of infecting him with scarlet rot in order to remove his intellect in a bid to move the stars again, hence why the Eclipse to revive Godwyn mever came, infecting him wasnt enough but they couldnt know that.
maffa2849: There is a piece of lore that I keep seeing unmentioned. Ranni's finale is THE SAME as what the Nox also desperately seeked. The Albinaurics are genetically created beings, the same as the silver tears, and they also have many references to "tears" (the shield etc). moreover, the symbol on the soldiers fighting for Messmer in the DLC trailer is the same as the one on the armor of the Albinaurics. So, this is what I believe.
All the great people involved in Elden Ring's plot (except for Godrick maybe) are Numens. The Numens came from "the stars", and they revered an Outer God (at this point, maybe it wasnt "outer" when they were in their homeland) that since it's in the "great void above" they call Lord of Night (you cant see the stars during the day, can you). They win an invasion war against the indigenous population, creatures of the crucible, no idea if Placidusax and the dragons were still around. The nobles, or gods, of the Numens can be tall, even huge, the lords and ladies of their people can fit huge thrones in their cities, which at this point use the "throne" as their flag, and above all they are naturally immortal, or, said in another word, "eternal" . They spread around, and conquer the crucible cities, Uhl, Uld, etc, and found their own, Nokron, Nokstella, the Unnamed City, Sellia, Ordina, the Stargazer town, Zamor, and Leyndell. But Marika betrays the Lord of Night's cult, and becomes the Greater Will's avatar/spokewoman/goddess. A civil war ensues, the other Numens craft a weapon that can hurt the Greater Will's emissaries out of a god's body, but Marika and her Golden Order forces win and punish Nokron and Nokstella below ground, and the Unnamed city is specifically hit by a "malformed star" sent by Marika and becomes the place where the Erdtree sucks away life with its root (we know what kind of juice the Erdtree loves the most).
Now, to the question: why did Radahn stop the stars? Two answers. The one I like less is he was trying to save Sellia from another malformed star. The one I prefer is that he was so enamored of Godrick that he was in fact loyal to Marika, and since Sellia was spared by the purge we might think they kept neutral in a way. So him stopping the stars means he shielded the Lands between from the influences of the Lord of the Night. Ranni is still devoted to the Lord of the Night and the Age of Stars, however, as her mother used to before Radagon fought her for hrt "heresy" and then wooed her (astrologers, night sky, etc). So she (together with Melina the GEQ, and Miquella, I think) had to steal the Rune of Death to kill her half brother Godwyn champion of the Golden Order first and her brother Radahn in order to let Fate come back to the Lands Between, shattering the shield of "eternal rebirth" Marika imposed and have a chance to bring the Lord of Night back to the Numens.
hungryspleen5585: Much more fitting to his personality than the defensive "turtle" strategy. I enjoy this, makes Radahn even more awesome.
monroerobbins7551: I think the one thing that makes Radahn my favorite demigod is that his interests are complex: he’s a scholar in gravity magic, he’s a warrior and a general, an animal lover, going by the care he had for his horse and his cat (I’m including the cut cat, I think it’s so insignificant to the main story that it wouldn’t matter if it were canon or not, but the fact that it existed shows how they thought of Radahn). He’s just such a complex character that I want to see him in his prime, before he goes mad from the rot, because out of all the demigods, besides Miquella, he seems to have phases in his life, and he even seems to have other interests besides his involvement in the story, like being an academic or an animal lover, like how Miquella was a machinist.
kingjohn8980: It also makes sense as Radahn’s weapon do extra damage to gravity enemies like Astel and Fallinstar Beast
apollolinaire2607: In very early drafts of the game, the second phase of Radahn's fight involved an Astel, descending in the meteor Radahn now uses to fall from the sky.

That's why I think he's stopping the stars from moving, to prevent a legion of Astels to ravage the Lands Between. Elden Ring has a lot of extraterrestrial elements and concepts, and maybe Radahn was the only one concerned with a potentiel alien invasion. Maybe the guy was simply tinfoil hat-minded!
EZ2BCHEEZY36: He's back with more! Love the content, keep up the incredible work!
RealCutieMutie: I wonder if this is the case, if Radahn overdid and attracted the attention of too many Astel like beings and had to stop the stars because it became a potential risk to Leyndell, since there is a Fallingstar Beast just outside one of the gates.
aarondearborn5103: We seriously need more people that love the lore like this man!
eddyh5: This theory is totally awesome and makes sense for who Radahn is. I want to see him crush stars.
aLoneFox19: I'm loving this video on Radahn! He's always been incredibly fascinating to me. Not only a great general but just a beast and champion in his own right! Great work on the video, it really illuminates a lot on various things with the Fates and everyone tethered to their fate via the stars

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