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The Nature Of DemiHumans Elden Ring

pkthunder416: Miquela lore:
_Bunger_: Hand it over that thing your string!
GrieveIV: Something about Demi Humans I always found interesting and like to think about. The mini Demi humans, what I’d assume to be children, carry knifes that by Demi human standards are the cleanest and largest knives possible. Compared to chieftains this is notable, as chieftains carry knifes of the worst quality, bearing rust, cracks, stains, and poor size. It says something about Demi human culture that there’s an effort to prioritize the ability for their children to defend themselves, and less so the adults or elders. The adults work with less so the children have more of a fighting chance.

There’s also some practicality in this in that if a child injures themselves with a dirty or old knife, they’ll likely contract a disease or infection and perish. While a clean knife wound will heal with less difficulty. As im rather sure that Demi humans may not necessarily be eyes on 24/7 kinds of parents.
WretchedRedoran: I love Demi-Humans, man. On my first playthrough, I fought the final boss with the Demi-Human ashes, and on my final attempt of the boss fight, the little Demi-Human with the knife literally stabbed Radagon in the foot, staggered him, and then I went up to Radagon and dealt a visceral attack as the killing blow. It was fucking HYPE. And then, during the fight with the Elden Beast, my Demi-Humans actually drew the EB's aggro as it was charging up Elden Stars, and sacrificed themselves by taking on the full force of that attack, so that I could finished the job and kill the Elden Beast.
They died the deaths of heroes.
milokonna: I like to think that they are devolved beastmen, just like the two-winged dragons are to the ancient dragons, mostly bc of them both being canid-monkey-human things. It would be poetic that the beastmen who worshipped the dragons then shared their fate. But who knows.
bplus2625: "one final thing I wanted to get to" *clicks screen and sees 8 minutes left*
joeymendez1442: I think the Demi-Human and Bloodhound Knight connection fits. Since there's 5 Queens counting the dead one and there are 5 Bloodhound knights in game.
_Ethereal420: Demi humans? Oh you mean the keepers of string!

Me whilst fighting the Concentrated Snowfield Death Bird
tjniezek3096: Perfect timing ! I'm enjoying an intro of my own right now ! A little madman sounds delightful!
JackisaMimic: A Dream of String is the closet thing we will get for a conclusion to ASOIAF

Jun 07 2024

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