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The LORD OF BEASTS in Elden Ring! #eldenring #eldenringlore #shorts

porgington8971: And then he F***ing killed it
fnafplayer6447: What I love about Godfrey is what he says when he is killed how we deserve to be the elden lord. Even in his ferocious state he basically says good job buddy, you earned it
sar4806: Marika a cold bish for stripping Godfrey of the grace of gold.
megaminers2972: Who tf was strong enough to kill Godfrey in the Badlands?
Chickenchokersupreme: Godfrey started out as a simple warrior chieftain in the Badlands, then became Elden Lord, then was exiled.

King Arthur started out as a simple warrior, then became king, then was exiled.

John the Baptist started out living off the land eating locusts and honey, then became a famous preacher, then was exiled.

I love how every major character in ER is a complex amalgamation of real-world inspirations. It continues to blow my mind.
Simubaya: I just remember my first time fighting this guy and seeing the lion appear and thinking, "Great. He's got a Stand. "
michaelniemann9245: Still never understood why Marika stripped them of grace and banished them after they defeated all her enemies
xBartGR: I love the fact that Rahdan is a Godfrey fanboy. It makes Godfrey feel like this super powerful figure even before you encounter him.
pedrofaleirozoega773: I wish godfrey had 3 phases: 1st like we fight him at first, second only serosh, third hora lux, warrior.
taylororourke2525: Can’t wait to see what the DLC lions are all about.
isamm_1336: Godfrey is such a chad. He gave us respect. That is one of the main reasons why I packed up Morgott/Margit with extreme prejudice like "Who tf do you think you're talking to"

May 10 2024

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