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The Lies of Miquellas Eternal Youth Elden Ring Lore and Theory

ZeroN1neZero: "These statues are everywhere, from Nokstella to your mom's house"
iamthereddemon20: It would be slightly amusing to find out his "eternal youth" is just an injoke in the family
lordptk4115: I don't know. The way Gowry says "Queen Marika and King Consort Radagon were blessed with Twin Demigods and Malenia was one of them" sounds to me like their birth was a public affair of the Golden Order. Which means it dates within Radagons official reign as King Consort. But we can pretty safely date that after Godfreys reign, which makes Miquella and Malenia younger that the offsprings of the Golden Lineage. Also the statue of Godwyn and the twins in Lorettas bossroom very much suggests older brother-vibes to me.
And especially after the trailer today, Miquella seems to me to be this young prodigy that is being groomed to be the successor to Marika, but bit by bit finds out about the horrible acts on which the Golden Order is built and abandons that path.
avgfunkygamer: So Miquella is kinda like Bran Stark / 3-eyed raven, we never see him but he has a huge influence on the lands. I could see that.
jremigio24: I just love how the game came out two years ago and lore is still being discovered !!!! Cannot wait for the dlc.
Solibrae: I'm not convinced by your theories about Miquella and Malenia being as old as you think, especially in regards in Malenia being partly responsible for the Lake of Rot, but there's no doubt that Miquella has a lot of potential hidden influence over the Lands Between and seems to have had his hand in many pots.

I recently noticed how there seems to be many Miquella's Lilies and St. Trina's Lilies located all over the lands, perhaps that parallels their connections to all these places? Along with the Aeonian and Nascent Butterflies, it also gives a feeling that these twins have been around for so long that they have become a part of the very nature of the world.
arturkushukov1815: On the topic of Jerren. He's a bloody finger, based on the fight with Sellen. He's working for Miquella alright, but not through the Marais connection, but via Mogh. And he's not the only masked Mogh-aligned character that puts us on a specific path. So is Varre.
abhishekchaudhary9591: Well it was all speculation to be honest, still not convinced that Malenia and Miquella are older than Mohg, Margit, Morgot, Godrick, Rykard, and whoever left.
oldmanwinter0066: Where most castles have a church with pews and/or a throne room, shaded castle has only a dining hall. I always found this very telling about their culture.

May 27 2024

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