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The Elden Ring DLC Just Got BIGGER | New Miyazaki Interview

thatcat_: Everything I continue to hear about the DLC makes me more excited, can't wait
xphn1985: "two week" means new game here
scottsolomon967: 48 days 13 hours 34 minutes and 56 seconds till the dlc
NickCombs: Yeah I think you're right about "weeks" being mistranslated from new game and ng . There was a comment that got translated and it was asking about whether defeating Radahn and Mohg unlocked the DLC for "many weeks" and someone responded saying it should need to be unlocked separately for each week (run).
Jripped1209: I love that you are covering this. Very excited for ur coverage when it comes out!
NickCombs: The way I interpret Miquella and Trina being "different existences" (w/o having a real translation) is that they are not the same person. But like Miyazaki said, they are definitely related in some way. The distinction is interesting because it doesn't seem to be a Marigon situation, since they are consider one "existence."
Qel1995: i love the race war between you and the oracles in the background hahaha
DocTPepper: Super stoked for it myself
Achance2c: I was/am hype for only a few games this year (so far). FFXVI DLC, Granblue Fantasy, FFXIV Dawntrail, and Elden Ring DLC! 2 down. 2 to go.
NickCombs: Thanks for the heads up. These foreign articles are easy to miss.

May 10 2024

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