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The BEST DLC Weapon for YOU Shadow of the Erdtree Tier List Elden Ring Guide Part 1

valentinvas6454: Man... I kinda feel sorry for those who couldn't get into Elden Ring. I don't think I've been this excited for anything since the base game and before that it's been probably a decade for the previous big thing for me.
xs1l3n7x: Ill take my spoilers from Dom. No one else
Krow_Lenin: Light Greatsword, hand to hand, and beast claws look awesome, I look forward to hybrid builds using these three maybe throw some magic on top or even the perfumer weapon.
bighersh3565: Mohg is absolutely caving my head in tears before the dlc lol
Okil_Atlas: PLEASE DOM-SAMA! I have but one question! What was the scaling stat for the kung-fu weapons and perfume bottle?! Please tell me! It's all I want to know!
smokinggnu6584: Really looking forward to seeing the Powerstance movesets for all the new weapons. Like the Light Greatsword.
lydz7451: I don't think I could have clicked this video any faster! Goodness knows I'll need all the help I can get going into the dlc! So this video is greatly appreciated!
moonvioletkel: Love your videos and just joined your knights group on Elden ring!
Question- what level should I be if I’m running DLC in NG 1?
I don’t want to start a new game but I also don’t want the DLC to be impossible…thanks for such great content always!!
mikeestill1672: They should revert Rivers of Blood to its SUPREME day one form
1.0xY.m0r0n: I'm interested to see if fth/int gets more love. Spells, incantations, seals, and staffs. Also I hope we get some love for the madness builds out there.

Jun 07 2024

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