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SURGE, O FLAME Certainly is Something | Elden Ring

paulocarvalho6480: Throwing eggs at Lost's face during the introduction was freaking funny.
feebus9234: that snow witch with 1million ping made me so mad lol
loubloom1941: Surge, O lost!
forsakenqestir6483: maidenlessbehaivior absolutely killed it.
NewBeginningNewCreation: So I don't do pvp but I enjoy watching you and chase the bro. I've been wondering though, are larval tears infinite? I see you and him both continuously change your stats. How is it possible?
Diresilence: "Not like you youtube guys" Aww, thanks Throws egg
DaddySolutions: I have a holy Joshua Graham build with that mask. Super underrated mask, perfect for spreading the word and will of God thru both The Lands Between and the Mojave Desert.
ruinwell4266: Tapi-OOOO!-ca

Solid throw back
markrobison5199: Surge, O Flame is indeed one of the spells in Elden Ring
Aaaand that's about everything nice you can say about it. I still love it though, it's so bad it's funny
deathspudz: Come for the invasions, stay for the maniacal laughter.

May 11 2024

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