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Streamer Took 6 Hours To Kill Mini Boss In Elden Ring...

-1000_damage: And he’s still better than the chunk of people who quit the game at tree sentinel and never come back.
KimFromTheCrypt: huge respect to the guy! hes STRUGGLING but he doesnt let off and doesnt blame the game. hes got the right mindset. and dont shittalk him for his skill guys, hes completely new and just giving it his all
gundor2772: 20 hours for stormveil? bro's cooked
BlackJudgeBaphomet: 252 deaths.... In stormveil.
JLHoskins: This reminds me of when Elden Ring first came out, where it felt like the WHOLE WORLD was playing for months.

I, for one, can't wait for that feeling again once the DLC drops.
ThreeChe: I mean if it takes him 10,000 hours to beat the game, technically he's getting more moneys worth than the rest of us? Big brain move, honestly.
VoodooTrashPanda: What demands more respect: the man who defeats with ease what others call a challenge; or the man who perseveres through his own limitations to overcome his own hardships.

Looked out of curiosity, he’s currently balls to the wall fighting General Radahn without summons. Getting him into second phase too. Nearly at 48 hours and over 500 deaths.
MauricioOsuna-et8et: Prod: "He's the biggest livestreamer ever."
The entirety of the Souls community: "Who?"
delta8731: God help this man if he attempts Malenia, man's gonna need an extra life time to finish it.
losersbecomewinners2043: You know, i just applaud anyone that comes into these games and isn’t led astray by complaining or saying that it’s unfair and stuff. Powering through a boss? That takes GUTS! I remember in DS1 (my first souls game) that i had to stop my first playthrough because i was stuck on the most difficult boss. Tauros demon XD on that run i killed every NPC i saw, i broke every weapon i had and just gave up for a while before coming back. And now i love everything and anything souls!
MrJambiwana: me playing DS1 as my introduction to souls was probably painful to watch but it's much more satisfying when you learn shit yourself
celdyparish7690: Turn that 100 hours into 1000, let's be real here.
AaryonTeragon: People hating on the guy for living the original, most pure Miyazaki experience, is kinda crazy.
Like, trying to kill ''that'' boss for 6 hs is in big part what MADE souls for a lot of people.
Also, take in mind this is his first experience with the ARPG genre as a whole. The guy is a talk-streamer, not a pro gamer or anything.

Nah, he is doing fine. I've seen friends struggle for WEEKS at single areas, in older, much smaller games. Cheers for the guy, and all the visibility he is getting for the game as well.
henhenhenhen06: people in his chat keep saying "get the rivers of blood katana"
StormCrownSr: Taking 20 hours to beat Stormveil castle? What a loser!
Putting up with Stormveil castle for 20 hours? What a chad!
thekeeper1287: Just wait till he gets to malikath and malania AND fire giant
CrustyCheapster: I’ve been an active Fromsoft player for five years at this point, and I like to think that I’m not too bad at these games. I’ve cleared Anor Londo at SL25 with no help before, for example.

I remember taking almost 6 months of on-and-off play just to beat the Capra Demon during my first play-through of Dark Souls 1, and I often considered just admitting defeat and quitting the game.

This dude’s bad at Elden Ring, but he has the perfect mindset for it, and I look forward to when he beats it.
coolfishron6668: I wish we could post GIFs on YouTube so I can just post that mass-facepalming scene from Naked Gun.
polarbaloon: Bashing your head against a brick wall in souls games is the real way to play the game, because once you break that wall HOLY SHIT THAT FEELS GOOD
techt-125: Yea, but these kids now don't follow through.
He can make an outrageous claim, then he'll quit when he's uncomfortable and tired and that will be that.
All these idiots have to do now is make claims about doing stuff

May 20 2024

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