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So Ive played 3 hours of Elden Rings DLC...

Mario-SunshineGalaxy64: There are two wolves inside me. One plagued with the desire to catch a glimpse of the DLC, and the other adamant in refusing to see any spoilers so I can experience it firsthand.
BandaiNamcoEurope: We hope you're all prepared...
montevonwish7572: Imma stop going outside for like 3 days
alexafton3008: "I bravely ran away." Ah yes, elden ring 101
Iamnotthatkindoforc: "it was a hard boss, took me four tries"
my left eye is twitching violently.
JMB_Smash: To spoil or not to spoil, that is the question i am posed here.
modernoverman: Minor lore: "scadu" comes from Old English meaning "shade". Scadutree = Shadow Tree.
jason2841: Those fly creatures are bringing up flashbacks of Ariandel.
MethenaGodin: All the major channels dropping almost the exact same 'I Played Elden Ring's DLC...' video, but Vaati's is the only that I'd immediately watch and trust.
nickcampbell5626: Brave VaatiVidya ran away.
Bravely ran away away.
When danger reared it's ugly head,
He bravely turned his tail and fled.
Brave VaatiVidya turned about
And gallantly he chickened out.
Swiftly taking to his feet,
He beat a very brave retreat.
Bravest of the brave, VaatiVidya!
hamburgerdip9299: They gonna call ME an Albinauric the way ill stay inside for the next year and a half
xerxezrax: Rennala and Rellana both devoted to redhead men of great purpose. Ginger worship runs in their veins.
ArtOfDyingWell: One of the few games that makes me feel giddy when I see new stuff
Elevate388: Fighting Hoarah Loux with the Beast Claws is going to be soooo much fun.
JeffreydeKogel: The "Scadu" part of "Scadutree" sounds almost exactly like the Dutch "schaduw", which means "shadow".
Pretty cool.
cbunny6671: I think the fact that Mesmer has his own butterflies in the DLC proves that Melina is one of Marika's children, and the smouldering butterflies are hers.

Maybe her "curse" was that she was born a spirit and has never been able to move about on her own.
ImmortalSugimoto792: When you look at their horned armor, their locations in Stormveil and Sol, use of lightning/storm attacks, and the flowing lion on their heraldry, I think there is strong evidence that the Banished Knights, O'Neil and Niall were all originally from the same culture as the Lion Dancer People and were "banished" from the Land of Shadow.
merlebirb: the fact that martial arts is just a weapon type now has made this my favorite game ever
MinniMaster: The animations for those claws blew me away. I love how animalistic and ferocious they are, contrasted by Milady's graceful dancing. It still baffles me how we're getting eight entirely new weapon types and if they've put as much effort into all of them as the ones shown here, we're in for a real treat.

Rellana's Twinblade also sounds chuuni as all hell and I wouldn't have it any other way.
no.1_noob709: VaatiVidya: “I can type as fast as NPCs can talk.”
Bandai: “Wasn’t expecting that.”
DoomsdayMayBeOkay: Vaati not only beat two legacy dungeons under three hours but also transcribed all NPC dialog and a bunch of itens on top of it...damn, never promised anything and overdelivered anyways, you spoil us brother. Thank you
PamelaJGranados: That light greatsword seems to be used in a way a lot closer to real greatswords than any other in the game, which is really cool to see
user-qg1wl1dp2q: I smell it....
Feed it me


Vaati Vidya
Bring me more, Lore
christopherhale3140: The idea of Rennala having a hitherto-unmentioned younger sister named Rellana who abandoned her family to ally with the new villain (and is presumably more powerful than Rennala, given her placement in DLC taking place after Mohg) is the most fanfic-y concept I’ve ever heard in a FromSoft game and I love it
Cqjoker73: My curiosity got me feeling like Frodo Baggins trying to resist the Ring.
ziii2453: Rennala's parents must like playing tongue twisters
DolanDarker: Not watching due to spoilers, but thank you for your service
greasysox: 2 legacy dungeons in the first area is a very good sign
MilaBoyer: The dance being turned towards martial ends is exactly how Capoeira became a Brazilian martial art against prison guards and slave drivers. It was a combination of religious dances from the area and West Africa where the enslaved people were brought from, and practiced as a dance but was used to fight back, escape, and to defend themselves. Becoming so effective it became outlawed in Brazil where gangs and local warlords would use them as personal guard, like samurai. Not a 1-to-1, I totally understand, but a fun parallel.
whoisj: The Light Greatswords are basically IRL Long Swords, and I LOVE it! Exactly what I wanted since the first day I played Elden Ring.
goodtimeskater: Been replaying the whole game to get ready. So hyped!
gothxm: DUDE THAT LIGHT GREATSWORD and all the other weapons. It's something ive always wanted. to two hand a blade but not have it held like a greatsword or a regular sword. This is so awesome. Thank you for the video. it's really helping me get through these last 17 days.
sweatydrug437: the story of Rellana and Messmer seems to be another "Prepare To Cry" video.

"here and here alone, were moon and fire ever together"

that's a love story!

I wonder what went wrong...
fallow84: After like a decade of being inspired by real medieval weapons and armor, fromsoft finally gave us accurate longswords in the light greatsword category. I have never been so fucking hyped lmao.
jungtothehuimang: These weapon movements feel like a different game, those beast claws were absolutely insane! God this looks so sick. I cannot wait until the 20th.
AsuraPsych: The light greatsword is my literal dream elden ring weapon, a true longsword. The "longswords" of elden ring were tiny and the greatswords were way too big. So hype about this unexpected addition.
EldenRingDragon: The landscapes in Elden Ring are so breathtaking, it's like every frame is a work of art. From snowy peaks to dark dungeons, every corner begs to be explored.
Nakna_ankaN: A couple of observations from a Swede;

Leda, as a verb means to lead, to guide, to direct or to be in a position of leadership in Swedish, so it would be a fitting name for our guide.

However as a noun; Leda can mean a sense of boredom, displeasure or aversion, especially towards something you've had too much of.

It would be kind of cool if that was intentional and she ends up betraying us or something, because she's had enough of the quest she has set out on.

Also; Freyja is a goddess in Norse mythology and Ymir was the giant in Norse mythology who was the ancestor of all Jötnar(Giants) and whose body was basically used to create the world.

Could potentially be some interesting allusions to events in the game.
lemonbread2165: FROMSOFT!!!!!!!

RelativelyBest: Oh God, the light greatsword sounds exactly like the type of weapon I've always wanted in these games. I'm a greatsword main but I always thought they were just little bit slow.

I'm gonna be collecting all
brantbowers6368: It's a nice touch making those lore reads look like the in-game item descriptions. It took me a few minutes to realize they couldn't be screen grabs.
moosilio1040: I'm in love with the light Great sword moveset
felbalze6307: Miriam’s vanishing… I have wanted a Carian themed blink spell since I first wandered into the study hall. Finally!!!
Tizaix: "Needle Knight"? FromSoft is releasing Silksong right under our noses and we didn't even know it...
vde1846: Concerning Leda I just wanted to note a thing about her name. There are two different meanings of the word "leda" in Swedish, one of which is clearly relevant, while the other might turn out to be relevant. The first meaning of "leda" is the verb "lead," "to lead" being "att leda" in Swedish, and obviously she is leading us into the DLC and toward Miquella. The second meaning is the noun "leda" cognate with the English "loathing" but with a slightly different meaning, denoting a sense of existential boredom and ennui, or the sense of being deeply tired and weary. To be "led" with someone does not mean that you loath them, but rather that you are fed up with them.

Fromsoft do seem to like hiding character clues in different languages, like "lapp" meaning "patch" in Swedish and Lapp being Patches alter ego in DS3:tRC.
Xerrojaz: Light greatswords are EXACLY what I was waiting for! Length of a greatsword but none of that bulky ass moveset. Perfection!
gm_construct12: bleed builds are gonna go crazy with reverse-handed swords
Pepto_Dismall: Perfumes being a weapon type is so exciting. Ive always wanted it as soon as ive seen the perfumers
ydoc5000: That light greatsword is going to be my new favorite weapon!
peggyliepmann5248: I can't help but picture Vaati frantically transcribing every last detail, taking note of as many things as possible.
chaincat33: the weapons that were showed off really make it feel like we're playing as enemies and bosses, even more than some of the more intense weapon arts and movesets in the base game other than like, maybe waterfowl dance. Beast Claws and the Light Greatsword especially stand out to me.
wilbert3842: My theory is that the inside of the erdtree is the underworld, and marika is holding the erdtree closed in the trailer blocking those from death from breaking through. That’s why the tree is closed in game and golden order spells do extra damaged vs undead. Also makes sense why the catacombs are connected to tree roots and how dead godwyn has corrupted trees and death root is dying tree roots. Could be wrong but a lot tied together
blazediron8317: Light greatswords are everything i never knew i wanted! This looks incredible!
zhebanelm1755: Seeing the Dancing Lion in action and hearing its name just made me realize that it's not a monster but a bunch of dudes (maybe omens) in a lion costume made to resemble the Chinese Dancing Dragons that you see in parades and festivals during Chinese New Year.

They're basically puppeteers performing a "dance" to attack the player.
MarkSuddaby: Some info on Ballarat for the lore seekers.

Ballarat, as other have mentioned is a town in Australia. The name derived from two Aboriginal words meaning “resting place”. You can interpret “resting place” in two ways: somewhere to stop and rest along a journey; and the place where someone is buried (i.e. their final resting place). Both contexts could be applicable here, depending on whether you look at it from the perspective of Miquella’s travels or what happened to the inhabitants when Messmer burned the town.

Ballarat was the scene of an armed rebellion known as the Eureka Stockade (more info on Wikipedia), but briefly the locals demanded political reform and more freedoms, and the authorities responded in force, shooting 25 people. Parallels with Messmer perhaps?
leakylawyer-8490: I like how the wickerman has fire giants grafted onto to give it their fire incantations. There’s always so much story built into the designs of enemies.(also I thought the lionfighter was an omen from the horns on it from the trailer but it could be new race)
planetlauraYT: "the worms are friendly" that's all I needed to hear LETS GOO
MataNuiOfficial: God this landscape is so gorgeous, like walking through an oil painting, the main game was like this too but this is next level
HitopEiwv: Making the lore reads resemble the item descriptions found in-game is a good touch. It took me many minutes to figure out that these weren't screen shots.

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