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SNEAKING My Way Around Elden Rings Convergence Mod!

doncheetos1024: The Batman Class, you can not convince me otherwise
smokeymcbongwater4649: for someone like me who isnt able to play the mod due to lack of hardware, these videos are amazing. thanks for this!
alpha00zero: It's possible the devs of the mod forgot or didn't properly implement the new Night spells with the same ability as Night Comet to be "invisible". Would be why Malenia doesn't dodge Comet but dodges the others on cast, like any NPC would.
ezzzzyyy: Founding rain of stars is truly one of the Convergence mod spells of all time
OldBoyC: Yo snuppet, how do you get the sigil thing behind the character in the thumbnail?
worldsworld933: Yo I accidentally clicked on this which I was planning to watch but it just got me a couple seconds sooner

And first
kekvit_irae: This was played on an old patch. If you use the erdtree teleporter network without being prepared, you're going to have a bad time.
Gauntea: Have you played the new patch yet, most of the erd tree sentry's have been changed to area specific bosses, there's also 6 new bosses
theslavscotsman3870: 114 views in 13 minutes. Fell off
Virglej: Sellia seal breaker is also in sellia, town of sorcery. You dont have to do the quest.

Jun 10 2024

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