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Shadow of The Erdtree Lore Preview Elden Ring Lore

ndroidryan7659: This is why I love Fromsoftware, and especially you guys. With only 3 hours of gameplay we already have just under an hour of lore
VaatiVidya: I'm glad my transcriptions could be a part of this one! Lots of jolly lore co-op in this video.

One tiny note about the Empyrean Grandam - I actually get the vibe that she isn't an empyrean, rather she's a guide or mentor TO empyreans. Of course I could be wrong, but if "grandam" is archaic language for "grandmother" then Grandam isn't her name - it's more of a title

Fun fact - I tried to kill her to get more lore (as you do) and failed, because I started writing down her battle dialogue but she sent homing missiles at me while I was fumbling with my laptop and controller. I ultimately failed to get any dialogue or successfully kill her lol
strawhat_cotafitness1260: So let me get this right

The lands between hate the tarnished because we lost grace because of Marika.

The shadow people hate us because Marika chose us to enforce golden grace.

We can't catch a break with our pr
GodWarrior7771: In anglo-saxon, an Sc is an Sh sound.
Scadu = Shadow
Scild = Shield
Sceal = Shall

It's really cool that the naming conventions for the trees have this germanic language history between them:
Erd = Home; Halig = Holy; and now Scadu = Shadow.
theshackledgamer799: I have been hearing whispers of a Ghostflame Dragon. A dragon aligned with the Death Rite Birds is intriguing.
Jonkenstonk: That tower being called the "center of the lands between" is very interesting. Maybe the shadow lands were originally in that empty area in the middle of the lands between?
EldenLord.: Ive never been so early to a SmoughTwon video which is why I regret to say that I cant watch it (yet).
stoicghost4313: The thing that's crazy is that crucible enemies you fight are extremely difficult, but they are also the side that lost to Messmers army. Imagine how hard Messmers castle will be.
Edit: I just realized that the body in Mohgs Palace could be St Trina. And whatever we see in game will be her spirit rather than physical body.
m4tcha8: An hour of new lore content? Yes please
rossbevan7159: Makes me sad for morgott as he might have been seen as a real Demi god in this land
TheLivingGale: While I'm most invested in learning more about the Crucible Civilization, I'm also a massive Carian fangirl, and the fact that they were--apparently--contemporaneous with each other is wild. I'd lowkey always assumed the Carians came long after the Erdtree was established. Also, I love how the Lion Dancer's eyes are the same colour as the Spirit Caller Snails' and Roderika's. Makes me wonder if the person Hewg knew was from the Shadow Lands. Thanks for the video, friend. Brilliant work as always.
corneliaaurelli1603: Maybe the 'One Great' is the planet itself. Other celestial bodies like the Full Moon or Dark Moon are these single entities or beings. Maybe the Elden Beast landed on the planet as a meteor and caused the births to happen, which is why the Elden Beast/Elden Ring can alter the nature of life, death, and rebirth. The Greater Will caused 'divisions and births' as Hyetta would have it. Perhaps the Elden Beast landed on water, which is why it has whale motifs when it dives into the water. It would be like the meteor that caused dinosaur extinction but in this case it caused life instead. This could lend credence to the Frenzied Flame wanting things back how it used it to be: life not existing and births halting. This is also why the Nox want to be free from the Greater Will, they want to become or create lives outside the Elden Ring source, lives that are deemed "unnatural" because they didn't come from the Elden Beast soul cycle.
Varre922: I'm convinced that Messmer betrayed the Erdtree(I.e fled from the Erdtree) because he learned of what his Marika did to create the Erdtree.

Imagine fighting and leading a brutal war for a ideology or a religion only to learn that thing is built on a lie. Messmer likely had a crisis of faith which led him and a lot of the Black knights to turn against the Erdtree.

As for the fire knight dialogue, I think that can be explained as that person being a sprit trapped in Belarut and not knowing what had become of his lord.

Also considering some Rellana item's descriptions, mainly about him not being able to find solace, I think that's evidence to support this theory as well.

In addition I think that Lordship sanction line could be interpreted as "The Marika I knew wouldn't ever do this." In regards that Messmer knew Marika as a Golden Order fundamentalist and didn't think she actually allow a Tarnished to be lord. Not necessarily that he hates those stripped of the grace of gold now as in when we play the DLC.
davidzhu4301: If "minor erdtree" suppose to be only known by Marika, that begs the question why Melina know and seemingly only she know other than Marika
gretchling5012: the fact that castle ensis has a person literally named Moonirithyl makes me wonder if there will be more parallels between Rellana and Sullyvahn than just the swords...
silvereyedlionking21: The theroy ive been cooking is that messmer is Marika's " Athena". One born from being separate from the parent in a physical way ( zeus with his splitting headache). Due to that he could technically be not only the 1st of the demigods but the 1st of the union children ( miquella and Melania).
been_rly_n2_paragliding_lately: In Old English, "SC" is pronounced like modern English "SH". So pronouncing it as "Shadowtree" is correct and probably the intended pronunciation. I think they just wanted to give the impression that the tree is very old.
thecrypticstench: Ugh this is all too tempting to watch! Can’t wait to binge this on release, thanks in advance Smough
gobblesmacks8228: I can't take it anymore, I have to watch this.
ridleydaemonia1134: "to our home, Bathed in Rays of Gold"
urbanexotic: But who is Messmer's dad? He has the red hair that might indicate Radagon, which makes the timeline interesting because it would either mean Marika had him after Radagon left Rennala, or Marika and Radagon had something going on before
akaErma: Horns for the Horn God.
ScarleSimpMikaelOre: I simply love how most elden ring content creators work so closely, welcome each others communities, and when opinions differ quite often, they don't throw their opinions and beliefs down, just consider them as possiblities and keep on having healthy discussions!

Jun 10 2024

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