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RETRY Elden Ring Ep.32 Carian Study Hall

MrBraddizzle24: Rory is one-handing the Twinblade.
Krupa’s leaning back in the “Hello, Darkness, my old friend” pose.
Gav’s exasperatingly asking Powers what makes him think he almost had that boss.

We’re so back.
Jvckm: Mimic tear Aunty Finchy should be called Aunty Twin-chy
jd88420: Praise the slugs! Praise the early access!
pmoneyelite4719: The boys are back in town!
Haiirofox: I cannot wait until you guys get to the Volcano Manor. I feel like Gav and Rory will love it and it will lead to hilarity.
venom7111: I've missed this..really needed it atm, thank you boys
stevewood694: That title card tho!
Macapta: Genuinely impressed Rory clocked on immediately that the dagger was Ds.
landoncook1807: I might have a problem, all I'm doing is playing Elden Ring and just watching the boys on repeat over and over and over and over....ah who am I kidding it's a delight!
ExcellentU: Dear Gavin.
Back during your Dead Space 2 playthrough, I commented on one of the episodes to let you all know that I had woken up at noon to watch RKG, and I was having leftover pizza for breakfast. You then responded to me, suggesting that I should try reheating my leftover pizza in a pan, on the stove. You called it a "gamechanger."

I vowed to take your advice and report back with the results the next week. Which I did.
But I fear my report never found its way to you, so here I am again... just wanting to let you know... You were right.
I'm always going to reheat my leftover pizza in a pan for the rest of my life.

That is all.
Carry on.
lorcanpreston4643: What a lovely Saturday night double for me. I’ve been interviewing for new jobs for the past few weeks and this is such a perfect de-stress for me - thanks so much RKG
charlottesreadsthings211: Ah, Carian Study Hall. Famousely known as "rage quit" land for me.
trandelifa1: Torrent is an ancestral spirit, does the same jump and everything.
thomascarlson8403: I’m not fucking leaving
IIxSam: let's go girls!

Jun 05 2024

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