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RETRY Elden Ring Ep.31 Nokron

gabrielstephens4377: Born too late to challenge Mozart to a drag race through the streets of Vienna, born too early to colonize Neptune, born just in time to watch the greatest let’s play ever made.
Hazslin: “I have been saving that for six months”
harrisonwaters6585: Just when I think Rory can’t get any more “Rory” he goes and pulls a classic like that. So hyped for this.
ExcellentU: I can't believe I've played through this game 4 times and this episode included several NPC interactions I'VE NEVER SEEN.
I 've completed Alexander's quest several without ever finding him stuck in Liurnia.
And the whole bit with Blaidd in the Evergaol - never seen any of that either.
D3CAD0: Gavin and his quiche had me wheezing
drewsterk1: "Got to work on the DLC, Drinking Lots of Corona" had me in stitches
clairet-rex: This episode just reminded me of an unexpected delight of this series; how much Gav really is getting into the lore. Love seeing his reactions when a new story beat is revealed.
garynoble1590: Mimic Tear: It has all of our strengths, and all of our weaknesses.

Right, so we know it can't parry then.
egoborder3203: Gav: "I don't care, I love quiche!"

Ex: "I'm happy for you, really I am. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a park bench to get to"
3enCooper: My body is ready. To the fools!
joshsantoro5153: Even when an episode is 2 hours long I'm gutted when it ends! Roll on next week
therealcozyboy13: Literally premiers on my birthday! Couldn’t have asked for a better present! Cheers from America boys
narticus: Can't help but think "Blaiddtown" when going back to the underground
linamiller4208: Because of some personal stuff I had to cancel my patreon but I'm really happy to be able to join you guys again soon, and right on time!
danlee1644: Seeing a Minnesota Vikings sweater on Gav is making this Minneapolis dude real happy.
chazawebster: Watching this with my sleepy newborn while my wife grabs a nap

May 30 2024

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