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Reacting to The Lore of Elden Ring is Cursed by VaatiVidya

gurnoorsekhon6402: Emma on the FBI watch list after saying she is rooting for the moghlester
D_us_T: Woah that crucible knight tattoo looks awesome
VijiogFrito: Emma, PLEASE I beg of you (since we’re back on the Vaati grind
Noizzed: Irina is actually a spin-off character of Irina from DS3. In DS3, she wants to become a firekeeper, like in ER where she wants to become a maiden, she is blind, and she is guarded by a knight, who wears an armor set called "Morne" like castle Morne.
deanbrown1259: I think the Dung Eater is still a wrong 'un... he has some concept of a good idea or maybe even justice, but he's brutally and horrificly giving a disease to people against their consent... A super interesting character, but a bad man, in my opinion, of course
eviltim3786: Also please remember there is no good guys in this story and everyone has their own reasons for the things that they did on top of not having quite ALL the details or reasons why things happened the way they did. For example for all Merika’s seemingly evil deeds do remember that there is a greater will behind the god that could have been asserting orders upon Merika to make her believe that not running things the way she began to run them would lead to ruin.

This ofc doesn’t excuse any outright evil actions but it’s kind of the point of any from soft game. The point being that everything is FAR more nuanced than good and evil and that it’s far more likely that people are just trying to survive by any means necessary and the way this occurs can breed evils that even people who were living IN leyndell might not have even known about
christopherhale3140: I find Mohg fascinating because he's simultaneously one of the most tragic and most monstrous characters in the game. On the one hand, he had a truly nightmarish backstory- abused and abandoned by his parents, grew up literally chained to the floor in a rotting sewer, and ultimately "rescued" from that situation by an Outer God who expects him to consistently engage in self-harm as tribute to her- and his goal of overthrowing the Golden Order seems like it would make him a heroic figure you would want to ally with. But by the time the game takes place, Mohg has become one of the cruelest and most twisted figures in the game; he tortures and experiments on innocent Albinaurics to turn them into living weapons, he commands legions of followers who commit murder and torture for reasons ranging from human sacrifice to sheer sadism, and the less said about his plans for Miquella the better.

I love this dichotomy because it forces you to consider the question of at what point genuine trauma stops being a valid excuse for someone's actions. As a child Mohg was unfairly persecuted by everyone around him, but what he has done since then has ultimately made him every bit the monster the Golden Order believed him to be.
ellaa_games: I can't wait to see what new endings the DLC gives us, it would be cool if one of them is us taking the place of Mohg and starting a new dynasty as consort to Miquella!!
Marginallyflailing: girl i FEEL you about banging the Elden Ring drum again after the trailer. I highly recommend checking out Tarnished Archaeology for some general fun DEEP dive elden ring lore if you want to fill your cup. I recommend their video on the erd tree being an illusion or the secret histories of omens and misbegotten

May 29 2024

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