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Rating my Viewers Elden Ring Builds..

harvesterofsubs5561: The problem with all these builds is using Radagon’s Sorseal. It just ain’t worth it during the late game
joejoe6411: First build was terrible. Second build is so common. Everyone uses that build way to much.. second build is boring
johannessmith1369: What's with all these high level builds using Soreseals? A lot of diminishing returns on that.
riccardocatalano8972: The bull goat's talisman was obviously for the 69 poise, why would you ever take that off?
pikmingamerr: For everyone who doesn't know: Do NOT use Radagons soreseal after like level 100 maximum, by that point the stats you wanted to get with the soreseal have already hit softcaps and you are getting diminishing returns from the 5 extra levels, which is really bad when you think about the fact that you are trading off 15% of your damage reduction for it.
Pavyren: Happy to be included!
BAMTaekwondo: This is a sick idea for a video o like bro
jackburton4426: Here’s my build for you.

Lvl 1 wretch

No weapons
No talismans
No pots
Full Bull Goat

God Skin duo

Your go mate
demauni1952: I'm sorry but i have a lot to say just about the first build. Rotten wing sword is useless here, radagons sorseal is useless when ur that high of a level, it literally makes it worse because you take extra dmg. You forgot to put the quality affinity on like he showed, didn't play around the physick tear to try to stagger bosses, you should make so that every build is the same lvl as it's not fair otherwise, making players choose their own bosses is kinda flawed as well as the build might work great against one perticular boss but sucks against other, choosing different bosses means different scaling and so on so forth. Otherwise entertaining video!

May 11 2024

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