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Rating MORE Viewer Builds in Elden Ring

lm7677: There has to be an epidemic going on dude. Like how are this many builds falling for Radagon’s Sorseal???
basicwis.: i’m glad to be in one of your videos (coffee)
demauni1952: weapon affinities are important parts of the build you cannot just overlook them. you didn't even use the aow of the second guy even though his talisman and physick is centred around it. your improvments of the builds are sometimes questionable but otherwise an improvement from the last vid. this content is very fun to watch, keep doing what ur doing, it's great
CommFox: The dodge button not working made me audibly laugh
paracame8162: Yoo thanks for doing my build (ParalyzedKamen)
My build isn't really tuned for damage but it's pretty good with quality.

the sacred attunement only matters because it allows you to just block most of Elden Beast's attacks with the 98% immunity
the big blast you ran from, I just blocked it lol

I think it's a weird build to adjust to, especially because of the guard counter mechanic. I know I had to get used to it.

overall, great video. i love the other builds too (not the soreseals tho. i mean come on)
chosen_undeadd544: Didn't even watch the video yet, probably wouldn't have much to comment on as I'd just be watching it. This comment is for the algorithm. Cheers.
memixgreex3910: i really like the builds in this video i especially like the last one with his elden bling, i cant wait to see the which build you review in the next video gemini
vulnr23.04: Love this series bru
mtbboy3960: If my build wasn’t featured in this video can I repost it in the discord server?
louisferreira1012: You sure you didnt forget 13 in for the greatclub orders blade buff? That skyrockets AR with 50faith
RA30s: on 3rd build, I think quality is better based on his stats, also you're not using lion's claw on the fight

May 22 2024

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