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Radagon was always Marika | Elden ring lore

dynamicflashy: I also think the Tarnished were an insurance policy for Marika. With Radagon seemingly being inadequate, and her demi-god children warring amongst themselves, she wished to once again try to join with a Tarnished warrior to try again like she did with Godfrey. Godfrey himself came back to give it another try.
But her current husband and Elden Lord, Radagon, did not want this to happen. He was content with the current state of the Lands Between so he sealed the Erdtree with his vines.
If you look at the Elden Ring logo, we can see Radagon's icon in the background. It's separate from the Elden Ring. Therefore, Radagon's new order does not require the Elden Ring to be put together - hence his desire to keep it from being fixed as that would restore Marika and lock him away potentially forever, as Marika would no longer need him with a Tarnished Elden Lord and a new order.
On a side note, I think Gideon mistook Radagon's desire for all to continue to suffer into eternity as Marika's will. The irony of the "All-Knowing" not realising he understood Radagon, not Marika.
watertommyz: The secret is worded "Radagon is Marika," not was, will be, and or joined.

They're the same being.
EldenLord.: Technically, if Marika is able to split Radagon from herself, she could "mate" with him the normal way too I guess.
Lilbird2fye: If you use the mimic veil those streams of light go down around you just like they do to the erdtree, also radagon is more like a cross and she is more like a crucified. Shows the duality but also opposite.
briannenurse4640: This is putting a lot of pieces together in a way I hadn't thought of before! Excellent work!!
redheadsilver8041: Btw, Marika impaled HER WOMB with destined death. I think this could give some credence to the idea that the Elden Beast was using her to create, as you said, "refined/perfected" vessels for it to possess them. Ranni's words "I will not be controlled by that thing!". Marika stabbing her womb that way may be her act of rebellion against the EB.
Solibrae: Very good analysis and theory, I think it fits in the lore quite well. It's possible that Umbilical Cord Talisman wasn't included because it would give away too much of this story; perhaps they're planning on adding it into the expansion due to Marika's past being something we'll apparently discover more about within the Land of Shadow!
ivanmihaylov6676: This might be a red herring but I recently noticed something about the death of mobs.
Some disintegrate, but others just ragdoll. The ones that I've seen ragdoll are the omen enemies, like the ones under the capital.
Maybe they are not part of this cycle and don't turn to 'salt' upon death, since they are cursed and all?
michaelgibson3479: I think millicent is the answer to what Radagon is. a splintered aspect of themselves that would otherwise hold them back, she wonders if this is what she is and if its what allowed melenia to bloom.

This ability could be empyrean exclusive and what makes them so. St Trina is an aspect splintered off from miquella and Melina is a splintered aspect of ranni.
Deadgye: The Japanese for the bedroom dialog ends with 「さあ、共に砕けようぞ!我が半身よ!」 The translation went with "Mine other self", but 半身 is more literal, meaning "half the body".
共に砕けようぞ also more directly translates to "Let us shatter it together".
Interestingly, "it" isn't explicitly clarified. Marika could be shouting at Radagon, referring to him as her other half of her body, that they're going to shatter themselves... but to me it feels more like she's clarifying what they're going to shatter. And by that I mean it feels like Marika is literally referring to the Elden Ring as the other 'half of her body' with that 「我が半身よ!」, clarifying that they're going to shatter the Elden Ring.
AkosKovacs.Author.Musician: Pretty easy, though. Since the D twins hace said to be one soul in two body and they are drumroll

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