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Preparing For Elden Rings Upcoming DLC Gameplay Part 2

Cronus_1: I can't tell you how many times I've watched a playthrough of Elden Ring. It's fun to see all the different builds and styles. Great for background while doing other things.
tesus6654: You got to play Mass effect 2 today Yo,.GG
ViralMag_Ravager: Brian ... the locked door down from Blacksmith is tied to Hug lady's questline, which includes fighting one of the optional legendary bosses in late game.
timb5173: Thanks for the stream B. Happy Birthday to Noah!!!
ViralMag_Ravager: Figuring out the Catacombs and Tomb puzzles is part of the allure since another stressor effect besides just combat is added into the mix
ramansamal: Elden Ring Series is very Nice. Keep Up The Good Work.
magnus8278: I love this game!!!! Keep up the good work!!
Jnotti007: Great stream
ViralMag_Ravager: Lol, Brian you should at least put on Radagon's Soreseal to give the enemies a fighting chance
tobiasskane264: Ty gg c u soon

Jun 04 2024

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