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Now I'll Show You Some NEW Modded Armor In Elden Ring: The Unofficial Expansion Mod

innocentbystander1993: >get mod that adds "new armor"
>look inside
>ports and cut content
riemaennchen: Just about 6 weeks until we get actual new armor!
crown_clown: This mod is just the pure definition of "quantity over quality" lol. They just add tons of shit just for the sake of it.
smoothtrooper781: I go Meow
Overactive_Imagination: Oh those arches are truly beautiful , heard Miyazaki himself designed them
theris7935: I wish Ornstein's armour was in Elden Ring. It was my favourite in Dark Souls 1 and 3
CongoChongoVIII: We need Marikas armor
dadaikebukuro798: Prod singing I go meow made my evening

May 12 2024

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